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Present position : Company Profile

Qlong Tech (zhejiang)CO.,LTD (formerly Zhejiang Proximity Electronics Co., Ltd.) was jointly funded and established by Shenzhen Qiaoyun Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Proximity Electronics Co., Ltd. The company is committed to low-voltage acquisition of automotive power batteries, FPC and artificial intelligence , Manufacturing and sales of automotive audio-visual entertainment systems, sensors, etc.
In response to the call to promote the leap-forward development of new energy vehicles in the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", Qiaolong Technology Group provides customers with systematic and complete solutions.
Compared with the traditional wiring harness, the FPC for EV PACK has the advantages of high integration, high flexibility, better electrical performance consistency, and controllable electrical parameter design. The application of FPC technology can realize automatic assembly, can effectively reduce the number of welding, lighter weight, larger space, lower cost, and higher efficiency. With the advancement of the Made in China 2025 plan, Qiaolong Technology is guided by forward-looking strategic thinking to build an automated production workshop and realize intelligent production. The company has introduced and jointly developed advanced 500 wide roll-to-roll automatic production equipment with suppliers. It realizes fully automated production from raw materials to finished products. The monthly production of EV PACK uses FPC of 100,000 square meters, which can meet the use of 150,000 PACKs.
The after-sales service team of Qiaolong Technology is centered in Zhejiang and radiates across the country. After-sales service teams are stationed in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Suzhou, Hefei and other places.
Set sail with wisdom and constant innovation, Qiaolong Technology has always adhered to the business tenet of "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, and social satisfaction", constantly innovating, and firmly moving towards the grand goal of a world-class FPC enterprise!

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